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Emerald Harvest Root Wizard - Massive root builder

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Root Wizard Massive root builder

Empower your garden with ROOT WIZARD, a massive root builder from Emerald Harvest. The endomycorrhizae and viable bacterial spores in this microbial inoculants colonize the rhizosphere of your crops. While outdoor dirt gardens naturally contain myriad microbes that enhance root vigour and boost nutrient uptake, ROOT WIZARD supplies your growing medium, which otherwise lacks this microbial life, with beneficial Bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi crucial to root function.

Designed to increase the bioactivity that bulks up root mass, the plant-symbiotic Micro-organisms in ROOT WIZARD help break down organic matter into bio available Nutrients, so your plants absorb and assimilate more of what they need for growth, Maintenance and flowering. Beneficial bacteria and fungi in the root zone are hard-working components of your plants’ well-being. They clean up and recycle unneeded waste, such as discarded root skins, in the rhizosphere, helping your plant profit from nutrition more Efficiently. Endomycorrhizal fungi penetrate and latch on to root cells, creating a network that acts like root extensions, which bulks up the root mass and extends the reach for nutrients.

• Jump-starts bigger root mass.

• Increases nutrient uptake in the root zone.

• Introduces beneficial bacteria and mychorrhizal fungi to plants.

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