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Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk - Potassium Silicate Supplement

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Sturdy Stalk Potassium Silicate Supplement

Build up your plant cell walls and encourage productivity with STURDY STALK, a potassium silicate supplement from Emerald Harvest.

STURDY STALK’s key ingredient—silica—fortifies your plants and enriches the internal structures needed to support top-heavy plants laden with flowers and fruits. Because it strengthens cells, silica helps plants withstand environmental and other stressors, so that they spend more of their energy creating blooms and buds. This results in a productive, vigorous garden with heightened resistance to pests, insects and pathogenic airborne and water-borne diseases.

The other main ingredient in STURDY STALK, potassium, helps your plants get the most benefit from photosynthesis, no matter with what light or where your plants are cultivated. Equally important in outdoor and soil less gardens, potassium is essential for strong Vegetative growth and yields.

• Encourages maximum plant growth and flower production in plants.

• Fortifies the cell walls of your plant stalks and stems so they support big buds.

• Fortifies your plants so they stay hardy.

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