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Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil A&B for Hard Water

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A+B Grow and Bloom Soil base feeds are explicitly designed for soil. Our 2 part systems are highly concentrated to save you money while also providing all the necessary nutrients to your plants. These products have all of the essential macro and micro growth nutrients needed for excellent plant growth and bloom phases. Our formula is based on Liebig’s Law of the minimum, providing your plants with the 17 essential nutrients. It is critical that plants not only get sufficient nutrients but also in the appropriate ratio. The high-quality, food-grade nutrients will be absorbed entirely and leave little to no residue behind, leaving your plants clean and strong. 

*No PGRs are used in any of our products

During the Grow Phase, a plant is at its most vulnerable. Fungi and bacteria related diseases are a threat to the underdeveloped roots and leaves. The right mix of the 17 essential elements is needed to help a plant develop during the Grow phase and support a maximum growth rate. The proper mix will make and keep the plant vital and strong throughout this phase.

A+B Grow Soil is a precisely mixed 2 part system that stimulates maximum growth and prepares your plants to reach their maximum yield.

*A+B Grow Soil is optimized to reach PPM 750-1,000 or EC levels: 1.5-2.0 (it is possible to deviate) to get an even better result!

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