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Dutch Pro pH Down Grow Nitric Acid

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Dutch Pro pH Down Grow

The importance of keeping a balanced pH during your Grow phase is essential to a healthy, happy plant. pH- is designed specifically to reduce the pH level during the Grow phase. pH- Grow uses Nitric Acid as its main ingredient.

pH: Critical for Best Results

pH is critical to having a great crop. By measuring your pH, growers get to know exactly what their plants need. So if you want the best results, you need to measure the factors that directly affect your results.

Soil, you can fluctuate between pH 5.8 – 6.2 just due to the substrate.

Hydro/Coco, you should stay on the lower end of that ratio, around pH 5.8, for optimal nutrient absorption.

*It is suggested to let your pH fluctuate occasionally because this allows certain elements to be absorbed slightly better than when the pH stays at a single pH rate.

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