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Future Harvest Royal Gold

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Future Harvest Liquid Additives

Increase nutrient uptake ROYAL GOLD plant additive increases nutrient uptake in plants. Fulvic Acid in the additive changes fertilizer salts on a molecular level and makes them more available to the plant like a digestion aid. ROYAL GOLD eliminates the waste from the plant, like a detox making the product taste better. It helps drought, or under watering situations and increases resilience to stressful temperature fluctuations, both of which are common problems with indoor crops.

Powerful plant boosting nutrients Your plant’s nutrient requirements change throughout the entire life cycle. Use Future Harvest Additives to maximize growth, health & yield for your high value crops. In each stage there are critical elements and organic compounds that are more important than others. It is essential the correct proportions of elements are being added at the right time to avoid nutrient deficiencies within your plants. This is extremely important as deficiencies will impact the size and quality of crops and yields! Broad spectrum nutrients alone will give excellent results, but are unable to be completely balanced for every stage of your plant’s life cycle. For a truly superior result and to maximize your plant’s yield potential, the correct use of additives is extremely important. Future Harvest provides a full range of additives and supplements insuring that your plant’s needs are being met at every critical rooting, growth and bloom or fruiting stage

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