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Indica Temple Noon B

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Part 2 of 2 part base feed Indica’s TEMPLE NOON B is designed to complement TEMPLE RISE A to supply the right nutrients at the right levels to ensure the plant receives the correct dosage of each essential nutrient. The potassium level in TEMPLE NOON Bis lower than you will find in a dedicated hydroponic or soil fertiliser. This is to ensure that your plants do not suffer from phytotoxicity that will result if too much potassium is available to the plant in the vegetative phase. This can occur if high potassium fertilisers are used on plants growing in coco fibre that already has a naturally high level of available potassium. The micronutrients in TEMPLE NOON Bare chelated with specific compounds designed to work with the pH and chemistry of coco fibre to ensure that the micronutrients remain available to the plant.

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