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Indica Temple Rise A

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Part 1 of 2 part base feed

Nutrition tailored specifically to plants growing in coco! TEMPLE RISE A and TEMPLE NOON B is a two-part base nutrient package designed specifically for plants growing in coco. Plants growing in coco (coir/coconut fibre) require a different ratio of nutrients to those growing in soil or a rockwool-based hydroponic system. This is because of the need to counter the naturally high potassium and sodium levels in the coco, and to take advantage of the coco’s natural ability to hold and retain certain nutrients while others are leached through in the run-off. The high calcium level in TEMPLE RISE A has a dual function; 1) it provides the plant with this essential macronutrient. 2) it drives out phytotoxic sodium from the coir that can remain a problem even in high quality Coco that has been thoroughly washed and buffered. The nitrogen in TEMPLE RISE A is in the form of nitrates. This is a readily accessible form of nitrogen, and additionally overcomes many of the issues of salinity that can occur when growing in coco. The magnesium levels in TEMPLE RISE A are also high. This is to ensure that the Ca:Mg ratio is in the balance required by the plant and to prevent ‘lime induced chlorosis’.

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