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OCD Odour Neutraliser

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Professional Odour Eliminator

OCD GEL: It looks and feels like chopped up jelly. Shake the tub, remove the lid, and place it anywhere you want to smell nice. They are made with essential oils and is safe and eco-friendly.

OCD CUBE: It’s the size of a tennis ball but smells much better. Pierce the lid and throw it in the corner of a room or place it inside your car door for instant odour elimination.

OCD SPRAY: 30ml, pocket-sized liquid spray. Perfect for freshening up the car or after a trip to the loo.

OCD AEROSOL: 750ml pressurised aerosol can deliver an odour neutralising solution that spreads. Use it to quickly freshen up furniture, or a whole room.

Choose from:

  • Original (not scented)
  • Bubble Gum
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Fresh Linen

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