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ROOT!T Rooting Gel 150ml

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ROOT!T Rooting Gel is the best root stimulant for cloning cuttings. The new gel is made for use during the propagation period. It's compatible with propagation plugs and a variety of other media. The product stimulates the cloning cuttings' root development. Growers use ROOT!T Rooting to achieve strong cuttings and ensure healthy root systems.

General Information

  • The product is made for use during the propagation period;
  • The root stimulant is suitable for use with peat plugs, stone wool plugs, compost, coco coir fibre, and soil;


  • The product doesn't contain hormones;
  • It accelerates rooting times.

The Science

Place the solution in the centre of the plug. The gel will form a seal around the cutting and promote increased nutrient uptake. The product ensures that moisture is at optimum levels. It also decreases the risk of disease. The product is made for use with peat plugs, rockwool plugs, coco coir, compost, or soil.

How to Use

Place the tray of moistened rooting plugs into the propagator's bottom tray. Take each cutting from strong and healthy plants. Place the product's nozzle into the centre of the plug and gently squeeze to release the solution. Place the cutting's end into the plug. Place the lid over the propagator. Mist the cuttings up to 3 times a day to maintain optimum moisture levels.

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